The founder of the business. He has 12 years of experience in Sports. Both in competitive and instruction specializing in football/soccer, multi-sports, general fitness, sports education, and various different martial arts and combat system. He also possesses a BA (2nd Upper Hons.) in Sports Studies and Development, a sports development scholar. He has had the pleasure of working with all different types of people: children, teenagers, at risk students, college students and professional athletes. He has also worked with special populations, including Down syndrome and autism.

Growing up in a low income and troubled family, Dzul has inspired himself to help mentor the next generation to a better life and integrity through sports and exercise. He enjoys seeing people succeed and realize goals that they never thought were achievable through hard work and determination.
Although he grew up playing traditional sports like football and track, he also dabbled in weight lifting, parkour, martial arts such as Muay Boran, Silat and Krav Maga and rock climbing.

Living in the north side of Singapore, he had played in school, club and national levels for football and was a short distance sprinter in track as a school representative. He was also a Muay Thai amateur middleweight champion in 2013 in Bangkok.
He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, gaming, anime, gym sessions, futsal and coffee sessions.

Education & Certification

• BA (2nd Upper Hons) Sports Studies and Development(2016)•
•Diploma in Sports & Exercise Sciences,Republic Polytechnic (2010)•

•Certified Krav Maga Civilian Instructor, European Krav Maga Organization. (2013)•

•Certificate of Muay Thai Boran Practitioner, Awarded title of Prajeat. (2013)•

•Certificate of Muay Kru, WBMF.(2014)•

•The U.S Soccer Federation, USA F License for Soccer Coaching (2017)•

•UEFA B Coaching Football Certified (2018)•

•NROC & MOE Registered Sports Instructor•



•General Fitness• Sport-specific Training• Functional Training• Speed/Power/Agility Training• General Strength Training• •Strength Training• Combat •

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